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„At the beginning of each project, there is only its general vision. We make it better understandable for you.„

Our work begins with the customer in searching for the most suitable technical and economical variant. The customer only has an idea and we will help him to transform it into an understandable form – clear concept of the solution. The most frequent procedure is as follows:

Idea, finding out the opportunity

90% requirements from our customers concern the general searching for the possibility to utilize waste heat with using basic technical data from technology. First of all, therefore, we obtain input information and data from technology. Subsequently, we define the most suitable place where there is the point to deal with waste heat and we propose the optimal technology with the evaluation of not only technical, but also economic impacts. When doing so, we take into account all possibilities: from savings in terms of technology through using subsidies, etc. Finally, we submit the first non-binding offer with our own solution.

Drawing up the study

One of the pillars of the whole process is the drawing up of the study. It is not a necessary part, but in a number of cases it is an important step for further decision-making by the customer. The customer gets ”hard facts“ into his hands, without any estimates and speculations. Our strength is in variety of technologies. We are independent and are always able to offer to the customer the best in the given market segment. It also proves the variety of outputs from studies. Here we submit to you some examples for your better understanding what you can expect from us:

The study already includes the detailed analysis of the whole situation:

  • Measuring parameters of flow rates, temperatures, etc.
  • Calculation of usable energy using calculation tools of our company
  • Proposals of exchangers
  • Proposal of connecting the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) systems
  • Proposal of cooling the ORC systems
  • Economic model, time schedule of construction, and others




Financial tools

Throughout the project preparation, it is necessary to take care of the economic aspects. As soon as the preparation is finished, the decision-making phase begins – what financial tools to use for the given project. We are ready to provide you not only with the maximal cooperation in dealing with banks, but we can offer to you actively any of the following possible financial instruments:

  1. To repay 0 – 50% investment from electricity produced
    • It is a fixed fee from every kWel for a fixed period
    • High motivation for us, suppliers, to achieve the problem-free operation of ORC. Thus you invest in the risk coverage.
  2. Full service
    • The payment for service from every electricity produced and no other fixed fees and payments.
    • You do not pay for any spare parts, service operation. Everything is in our hands, at our own expense. You do not solve the risk of damaging – if necessary, it is our concern.
    • The risk of unexpected service expenses is zero for you. Thereby, you invest in the risk coverage.



Ing. Josef GÉBA

Phone: +420 602 425 869