Use of heat from a cogeneration unit

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Let inspire yourselves with use of residual heat at your cogeneration unit. We can use flue gases, hot water, and convert everything into electrical energy.


Or only cool effectively excess heat without the own need for cooling  





ORC uses only flue gases of the cogeneration unit engine. The cogeneration unit engine produces approx. 50% of the heat production in flue gases that can be used for the production of electric energy by means of the direct connection to the flue gas ORC. More information...

The hot-water ORC uses, if possible, the highest possible potential of residual heat from the cogeneration unit. However, not by connection to flue gases, but – if possible – to the whole hot-water circuit of the engine. More information...

It is often called the cooler with zero consumption, which we can daringly call a dream of every company power engineer.  More information...

High efficiency, quiet operation, zero emissions, outputs from 30 kW and very low operating costs make
absorption chillers the ideal solution for cold production. More information...