Various methods of heat use

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Our systems are primarily intended for use of excess heat. The ORC systems (it stands for the Organic-Rankine-Cycle) are equipment that by means of a high-revolution turbine or screw expander converts heat into electrical energy. If you have any excess heat in your enterprise, let inspire yourselves in some of the spheres of use.

NEWS: Have a look also at the possibility to install coolers with zero consumption. Ideal for biogas stations, industry, etc.


A considerable part of heat from the heavy industry is now solved very marginally and in most cases the investor loses a very valuable commodity – energy in waste heat. . More information...

For increasing effectiveness of the production of electrical energy from cogeneration unit engines, we offer to you two various technologies ORC: ORC using only flue gases and ORC using hot water. More information...

Energoblok – Biomass CHP unit

However, our systems do not only solve the issue of conversion of heat into electric energy. They can be a source of the combined production of electric energy and heat. Our focus in the sphere of cogeneration is biomass:

Energoblok BPOWER is an ideal solution and source of savings everywhere where wood chips or any waste from wood production can be burned down. More information...

High efficiency, quiet operation, zero emissions, outputs from 30 kW and very low operating costs make absorption chillers the ideal solution for cold production. More information...