What does service from BPOWER mean for you?  

  • We ensure operation and maintenance by our own employees who are fully engaged in service
  • Service and maintenance of more than 200 ORC units in more than 12 countries of the world
  • We ensure service in a complex way (from finding out the cause up to repairing)
  • We use high-quality and modern equipment for service that is a part of our service vehicle equipment
  • Language skills (Croatian, Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, German, English)
  • Work in the sphere of mechanics, electricity, piping systems, welding, coolants, software
  • Knowledge of the principles of ORC systems from various world manufacturers
  • Certified employees for work with refrigerant and other organic media
  • Own ADR transport – dangerous liquids and gas (e.g. R245fa, Toluen)
  • We carry out revisions of gases, electric revisions, revisions of flue ways
  • We carry out preventive service, random service and guarantee service
  • Feedback from implementation – our service technicians are regularly a part of the implementation team


Own diagnostic software - SCADA

→ Our technicians have developed an effective software for precise diagnostics of technology monitoring – the SCADA system.

→ It is a complete system for data collection, including the possibility of control. Hardware and software – both is a product of BPOWER.

→ What does it enable the customer? Connecting any source from any place. You can watch your device on-line, archive data, generate automatically and send your own reports, etc.

→ Upon request, the customer gets a great aid for reporting the ORC system operation.


For more information, please contact us

Phone: +420 725 564 444